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Our expert team of professionals is eager to help with your travel plans . . .

We are committed to making your travel experience to Italy memorable and comfortable.  We personally visit all of our accommodations, tour companies, cruises, cooking and wine classes, restaurants and wineries, in order to provide you with top quality and value.  This website is a culmination of our experiences coming together so we can offer the public the best of our knowledge and create an enjoyable and memorable trip.  We custom build to your needs and interests and are happy to work with any unusual needs or special request you may have.

MARY SHERMAN INDELLI has been in the travel business for 35 years, specializing in Italy the past 12.  Her passion is fueled by her love of the Italian Culture, including its wealth of history throughout the ages, its art, cuisine, food production and wine making.  She spends a great deal of time in Italy gathering information on accommodations, wineries, tour companies, et all so that she may offer her clients the very best, and dedicates a great deal of time finding the most ideal locations in Italy.  Sharing that passion with others, and hoping to create an unforgettable experience for clients while traveling, drives her daily activities.  Among her work experience not just in travel but other fields, she counts; Airline customer service, Travel Agency skills and knowledge, short term holiday rentals in Europe, Culinary know-how and wine growing and harvest expertise.

ANDREA KATHRYN INDELLI manages the office and organizes presentations for the prospective traveler.  She also designs and maintains the Italy Italy Italy website.  She offers a fresh and young perspective in manners of travel, design, and management of the company.  She especially enjoys the luxury, fashion, entertainment, romance, and cuisine of Italy, and shares the same excitement and fervor of travel as her mother.  Having travelled to many major cities of the world, her favorites are Rome, Venice, and Paris.  To contact her for web design, please send an email to : or call the office number.